i•Bond has very strict standards on quality. They try every effort to stabilize their product quality, quality is always their first concern. The quality control is applied to the whole production process, including the quality inspection on raw materials, quality inspection during and after production. A detailed record is filed for reference afterwards. All the work is to make sure we deliver the top-quality iBond product.
Our professional sales team for iBond will provide professional, fast and heartfelt service to our customers.
All the waste gas, waste water is treated properly before discharge, which meets with the environment friendly requirement of ISO—14001.
iBond has a professional research and development team, which develops new products continuously with the cooperation of universities to meet any customer requirement .
iBond already has prestigious customers who trust them, iBond is becoming more famous every passing day thanks to their promotion and the quality of products.
As a brand with high sense of social responsibility, iBond is always ready to repay the community. They have set up scholarship programs in universities in Jiangsu and Fujian Province and have also organized donations for the earthquake people in 2008 and the drought victims of Yunnan Province in 2010.