About Products

ACP is a short form for Aluminum Composite Panels, also known as Aluminum Composite Materials or ACM. It is composed of laminate 2 color painted aluminum sheets with plastic cores with the thickness ranging from 2mm-7mm.
ACP is a new material for advertising and architecture, it has many features than traditional materials. It is solid, string hard but light weight, it has multiple colors and good weather resistance. Moreover, it is easy to be fabricated into different shapes.

ACP could be used mainly in 4 areas: advertising, outdoor signage, decorative and architecture.
For advertising, ACP could be used for substrate, printing board, indoor signs, billboard etc.
For outdoor signage, ACP could be used for big signage, towers, different shapes if needed, dealer’s cladding etc.
For decorative, ACP could be used as wall panels, frames in door and windows system, roofs and ceiling etc.
For architecture, ACP could be used as curtain wall panels.
There are also some new applications for ACPs just like exhibition materials, decoration in trucks, trains, boat or metros and metro stations etc.

Normally thickness will be 3mm or 4mm, thickness range is 2mm to 7mm.
Normally thickness will be 0.21mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm or 0.5mm.

Normal width would be 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1525mm and 2000mm.
Not limited on length, depend on the package and transportation ways.

Normal ACP:
4mm with 0.5mm skin: 5.5kgs/sqm, 4mm with 0.4mm skin: 5.15kgs/sqm, 4mm with 0.3mm skin : 4.78kgs/sqm,
3mm with 0.3mm skin: 3.86kgs/sqm, 3mm with 0.25mm skin: 3.68kgs/sqm, 3mm with 0.21mm skin : 3.54kgs/sqm,
6mm with 0.3mm skin: 6.65kgs/sqm, 6mm with 0.21mm skin : 6.33kgs/sqm,
2mm with 0.3mm skin: 3kgs/sqm, 2mm with 0.21mm skin : 2.6kgs/sqm.
Fire-resistant ACP:
4mm with 0.5mm skin: 6.61kgs/sqm, 4mm with 0.4mm skin: 6.33kgs/sqm, 4mm with 0.3mm skin: 6.05kgs/sqm.

Technicalities and Warranty

Below is the technology data sheet of our ACPs. Click to enlarge them.
Vergin or recycled LDPE(low density polyethylene).
Yes, iBond has 3003 or 5005 alloy aluminum for skin.
For normal PE coating ACP, surface tension would be around 38 dyne, for digital ACP, surface tension would be above 38 and reach 40 dyne.
Yes, Digital ACP could be printed directly without any treatment on surface.
Yes we have more than 2 types of installation draws. Contact our experts if you need them.
We recommend the PVDF, PVDF Nano, Chameron and FEVE coatings, either of these paints have very good performance on weather resistance.
Yes, iBond has fire-resistant ACPs with fire-proof core materials inside, good performance for fire-resistance.
Yes we have iBOND NANO, with NANO technology, the surface is self-cleaning character.
The warranty for the Nano-feature is one year.
PE coating interior use: 8-10 years, some colors like white, silver can reach 10 years.
PE coating exterior use: 5 years.
PVDF coating exterior use: 15 – 20 year.
FEVE coating exterior use: 10 years.
Yes, please see the warranty letter form below.
Yes, you can see the terms on our warranty letter.
Normally we will do some researches on the claim, take some pictures or samples etc. If the problem was caused by iBond products, PIVOT will cover the losses.


Yes, PIVOT is a TUV ISO 9001 quality certified and an ISO 14001 environment certified company.
EN13501, ASTM E84 ASTM E119, DIN4102 BS476, PSB, Russian Fire test and more.
Yes we have a file No. E341462 under UL
Yes we have a lot of TUV tests and reports on the Reach and RoSH test.
Yes, iBond paint suppliers have such certificates, you can have them on request.